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In 2009, an unexplained audio-magnetic aura encircled Covenant HealthCare, as musicians from many disciplines came together to assemble the core of the Covenant Which Doctors Musical Consortium. During the ensuing months several physicians and others emerged as a multifaceted musical assemblage, all linked by the Covenant of Music and the health system where they perform their other duties. From Americana/European folk roots and traditional blues, to straight-out rock and roll, the Covenant Which Doctors cover an expansive musical landscape.


Providing the gentle cadence of acoustic guitars and harmonic vocals, Carol Levack, Dr. Del DeHart, and Dr. Peter Fattal break out in music that doctors the soul and warm the heart. Carol and Peter also periodically join Kris Ciesliga (harmonica & keys), Dr. Guy Boike (guitar), Dr. Tom Minnec (guitar), Larry Daly (guitar & vocals), Al Huntley (drums & vocals) and Don Whiteside (bass), to venture into the roots of blues and rock. Each gig brings a fresh mix of the Covenant Which Doctors fashioned by both the venue and the demands of medical on-call responsibilities.

On special occasions we welcome past members Dr. James Bersalona (guitar), Dr. Erica Canales (guitar & vocals), Chris Jarema (bass), Brent Racca (drums), Dr. Brian Schroeder, (guitar & vocals) and Al VanArsdal (bass, guitar and vocals) to the stage with us.


The science of medicine and the art of music joined in perfect harmony -- the Covenant Which Doctors take delight in prescribing the healing power of music to their audiences.


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